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Extra help and guidance

illutration of a collaborative team

When I've finished your website, I'll need to know how you'd like to proceed. Naturally it will be up to you to manage the website, but if you’re unable to do so or would like some help, I made these plans available for you.

I will update your website whenever you need me to. I'll log the hours worked, and invoice you accordingly (minimum 1 hour).

I will fully manage your website instead, and I will (if agreed):
  • keep the website and design up-to-date
  • test your website for errors and/or performance issues
  • keep in contact with you about how your website is performing, and chat about our thoughts and ideas to help grow your business effectively
  • provide as much support as you need*
  • give you a discount when you refer me (5% per person - up to 20%)

You’re free to leave the monthly plan whenever you'd like - no questions asked. The website and all assets will remain yours. The information on this website is subject to change without notice; if you're already a customer you'll get a notice one month beforehand.

*within business hours; any issues related to 3rd-party services or hosting should be directly dealt with at the relevant service provider