Closet 23

Note: This case study is a work in progress, but feel free to check it out!

Closet 23 is an online clothing store which features niche luxury brands & styles from fashion capitals all over the world, including Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

The brief

Tina came to me asking for a redesign of her current Wix site. She needed a fresh modern website to go up against her competitors, something to suit her luxury brand. Fortunately she had a huge selection of high-quality photos for me to play with, as well as a detailed plan of what she needed.

The design

the homepage of a clothing site

the boys page of a clothing site

the girls page of a clothing site

The theme

For the theme, Tina wanted to keep the pink from her previous design but make it a bit darker, so in the new design I implement this new pink in some decorations and accents across the site.

The main slideshow

Making use of Tina’s collection of stunning imagery, I made the landing page feature a slideshow of high-res photos showing off her luxurious clothing range. This also gave her the opportunity to show off seasonal products and offers, and update them as she pleases.

Filtering and sorting

  • Goal: Allow customers to find what they need easier
  • Solution: Add filtering and sorting options

Tina wanted her customers to be able to sort and filter products easily, so I added a filter for prices, colours, sizes, as well as the ability to sort them. I used Wix’s built-in options for that.

Increasing engagement

  • Goal: Keep customers on the site for longer
  • Solution: Add “related products” on product pages, as well as more categories on the homepage

Throughout the site, I implemented more opportunities for customers to see products that perhaps they wouldn’t have seen otherwise, increasing their engagement and giving them the chance to add more items to their basket.

Also because of this, Tina told me that she managed to get rid of some old stock!

Increasing reach

  • Goal: Localise site to accommodate customers outside the UK
  • Solution: Offer alternative currency and language options

Her site now provides a huge selection of currency options, and allows customers to view the site in Arabic.

What she said

Not sure where to start! From the initial contact, to the concept, design, ideas, everything - I could not fault Ashley at all. The service I received was the most professional I had come across but he also worked on my website like it was his own! He was as meticulous with his level of detail as I would have been! When I put across ideas for our website, he would make those ideas come to life but always provided me with alternatives too (just in case) which proved to be the best approach as often what I thought I wanted was not the case - I ended up preferring other concepts that was put forward to me. Another thing I think is important to point out is that Ashley always knew how to work around the coding system! No design was impossible. The level understanding of the softwares and the amount of experience he has was a faultless combination for a great website. Thank you to Ashley for your patience and dedication to our website.

More Information

  • Framework: Wix
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, and Velo
  • Completed: February 2021
  • Live site (may have been modified since)


Colour scheme:

Left-handed mode:

More options coming!