Case Study


An experimental-electronic composer/installation artist

musician website web design mobile view
musician website design web view // homepage
musician website design web view // discography


I was fortunate enough to have spent a great deal of time with Dee at university. This helped me understand not only her musical projects and ideas, but personality too. Personality plays an important role in design, as it makes a website not only unique but fun and interesting too. Being an experimental musical artist, she creates programmed compositions through use of software and hardware. I wanted to extend this to visuals too, and that's where I had an idea for a glitchy, experimental website.


Upon visiting the site, you're greeted with a glitchy animation of Dee, which is a GIF created from a series of glitchy images. I think this gives a unique touch to this experimental artist, while creating a sense of curiosity (but hopefully not thinking that their PC has broken). I also liked the idea of showing off her discography in a fun way, so I made full-screen album artworks, with matching themes, and a menu to switch between them. This static website is hosted for free on GitHub.