Case Study


Converts between musical conventions

music converter website mobile design mobile view
music converter website design web view // before conversion
music converter website design web view // after conversion


While living in Italy for some years, I noticed they didn't use the same musical convention as us (C, D, E...), and instead used Do, Re, Mi, etc. This was frustrating as I had to manually "convert" pieces of music by hand. So I set out to create a script (using JavaScript) that did it for me.


The first iteration worked out well. It was a bit verbose but I later cleaned it up. The only problem with the first iteration was that you could only type in notes. This is a problem when it comes to tablature as it's usually accompanied by lyrics. If you were to copy and paste the whole thing, it would also convert the letters in the lyrics. So for my second iteration I used a more specific regex to allow me to disregard words and pay attention to notes (i.e. single capital letters) only. I later added the German convention, where B becomes H, and B flat becomes B (I know...).