I'm a front-end web developer from London

I’m Ash, and I was born and raised in East London. I’ve been a web designer and developer for well over 10 years now, striving to create refreshing and modern websites, while maintaining my own style; usually something simple or minimalistic.

Since then I've been challenging myself to create unique (and sometimes quirky) websites, ranging from dog-themed and photorealistic designs to portfolios and conversion websites. I'm always enthusiastic to start new projects with new people, while keeping my mind (and fingertips) busy.

Being creative plays an important role in my life too, and I try to live every day as creatively as possible. Music helps me a lot in the process, although I'm kinda stuck in the '90s... And when I'm trying to concentrate, I go for lo-fi. I'm also passionate about technology (especially the latest gadgets), photography, and foreign languages.

Whether you're a business or just someone with a project to show off, I'm here to help realise your idea and help you grow. I'm passionate and extremely meticulous when it comes to web design and development, and this will show in my work with you. This isn't just a one-man effort either, we will be working together throughout the whole process.

We will be in contact as often as we need to (preferably in person or phone/video call) about our thoughts and ideas, as well as any problems that arise. In the case of COVID, we will continue to work together from a distance. I will show you a great deal of collaborative tools making it extremely easy (and fun too) for us to continue working on your project effectively.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your idea!