👋🏻 Hey I’m Ash, a web designer from London

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I’m Ash, and I was born and raised in East London. I’ve been a web designer and developer for well over 10 years now, striving to create refreshing and modern websites, while maintaining my own style; usually something simple or minimalistic.

  • I like staying ahead of the curve

    I always try to stay on top of the latest trends and make sure my websites always fit web standards, especially when it comes to accessibility and SEO.

  • I care about making a change

    I'm optimistic about the future, and I aim to help small businesses make an impact.


a street in venice with colourful clothes hanging to dry above a canal

A photo I took in the streets of Venice.

I've always been interested in creating websites, since I was old enough to use a computer at my local library. I remember making really basic sites and then storing them on floppy disks (remember those?). Unfortunately I misplaced them, but I continued to study and build websites on the side while I did other things. I won't go through all of that now, but I will say that throughout the years I learnt a lot about web design, but also myself, and realised that being a full time web designer was exactly what I wanted to be.

Being creative plays an important role in my life, and I try to live every day as creatively as possible. Music helps me a lot in the process, although I'm kinda stuck in the '90s... And when I'm trying to concentrate, I go for lo-fi. I'm also passionate about technology, photography, and foreign languages.

My approach

If you were to ask to me what type of websites I like to build, I'd probably say simple yet effective. That not only means in the design, but in the message too.

If I've learnt something over the years while looking at a great deal of websites, is that they've become less verbose, more spacious, and let's say... more to the point. This makes sense, as we live in a fast-paced world with seemingly endless amounts of information to consume, so content needs to be easy-to-read, relatable, and impactful.

Everyone has their story to tell, and although a story can be complex, I find it best to start small and work from there. A story doesn't necessary have to be expressed through words either, as colour plays a huge role in the overall feel of a website. That's why when I create a website, I'm extremely meticulous and take every single little thing seriously.

In short

  • Simple yet effective

    I like to start small and work from there. No project is impossible, and takes their own time to evolve.

  • Communication is key

    The more in-depth we talk about your project, the more aligned the result will be to your expectations.

  • Creating a design that makes sense

    Great design comes from telling a unique story, and I'm here to help you develop a relatable and engaging website using well-thought-out content, colours, and typography.

My web design process

  • Chat

    We'll have a thorough chat and find out exactly what you need (and see if we're a good fit).

  • Research

    Next I'll do lots of research, see who your competitors are, and look at design/market trends.

  • Design

    Here I'll work on various mockups, until we arrive at a design that you love and that fits your business well.

  • Develop

    At this stage, I'll put everything together and create the first website mockup for you to try out.

  • Test

    I'll make sure your site looks good on various screen sizes and browsers and performs well too.

  • Deploy

    When all the testing is complete, we can push your site to the world!

Fun facts

  • I'm a Libra
  • My personality type is INFJ-A
  • I am the stereotypical programmer who's addicted to coffee
  • I have a cat
  • I got windswept on the way to my photoshoot



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